When the Light Cometh

When the Light Cometh
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When the Light Cometh
by Amber Douglas

In the holy city of Jerusalem walks a woman with a shady and dark past. She hails from Chicago, where she made a living as a drug runner in the underground. To her God is a myth, the Bible a book of stories to sway the weak-minded.

But one day, in a huge museum of antiquity, she sustains an injury while handling some crucifix spikes. Then, as she suffers in pain, God appears to her as an angel and takes her on a journey of a lifetime.

About the Author

Amber Douglas was born in Tucson, Arizona, and was raised in the nearby city of Sierra Vista. She could read third-grade books by kindergarten. She began writing her stories in middle school, continuing the habit into adulthood. She also became a born-again Christian in 2005.

Currently Mrs. Douglas is working on her bachelorís degree while caring for her two cats with her husband, who is currently employed on nearby Fort Huachuca military base. This is her first book.

(2009, paperback, 40 pages)


When the Light Cometh (e-book)
When the Light Cometh (e-book)

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