Within the Walls

Within the Walls
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Within the Walls
by Justin Adam Bretz

When Orion Nicholson passes through Winston, Kentucky, he finds a house that seems to draw him in. Immediately he falls in love with the building. When he finally moves to Winston, he realizes his new home is not all what it seems to be. The town residents are hiding secrets that they have kept for nearly fifty years. A rich man is seeking answers to the mystery. Another is running an illegal business. All Orion has is his longtime best friend, Howard. But when the nightmares begin and the voices start, Orion realizes itís not the town residents he has to worry about. Thereís something trying to get to him, from inside his own home. Something from within the walls.

About the Author

Justin Bretz is a nineteen-year-old who began writing at twelve. Born and raised in several Kentucky areas, he now lives in Mt. Vernon. Within the Walls is his first published novel.

(2012, paperback, 180 pages)


Within the Walls (PDF ebook)
Within the Walls (PDF ebook)

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Within the Walls [Kindle Edition]

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