(With My Own Eyes) Private Thoughts in "Poetry"

(With My Own Eyes) Private Thoughts in "Poetry"
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(With My Own Eyes) Private Thoughts in "Poetry"
by Larry McCarthy

The time of people of this world is moving very fast. So when there’s time to read something Author Larry McCarthy doesn’t want to waste your time or his.

When taking time to read, it is like taking time to see the things we’ve seen, the things we’ve experienced, and the things we’ve hoped for.

This book by Larry McCarthy is a great pathway to our life and his. This book puts light on things people have seen, experienced, and hoped for in our lives and his. It’s nice that he knows what he writes about, his empathy of his own life, and his empathy of what others also have gone through, and may these words show by us reading, living, remembering. We have seen it “all” (with our own eyes).

About the Author

Author Larry McCarthy has been writing poetry over 30 years. In that time he has written poems on many ideals. He calls it “ideals from the oblivion of his mind.”

McCarthy grew up and currently lives in the coastal city San Diego, California. Some of his hobbies are reading, playing basketball, TV, and sleeping.

(2014, Paperback, 30 pages)


(With My Own Eyes) Private Thoughts in "Poetry" [E-Book]
(With My Own Eyes) Private Thoughts in "Poetry" [E-Book]

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