Woggers Pig

Woggers Pig
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Woggers Pig
by Peter Anthony

A text message dated March 21, 2016 from Laurie, author Peter Anthony’s granddaughter, age 27, reads, “I read the Memoirs [now Woggers Pig] from start to end, It’s excellent, such a great account of life at that time! The rumblings and reality of impending war, with some delightfully amusing writings of your experiences, a few tears and some laugh out loud. X.”

One may wonder what the book title Woggers Pig has to do with the contents. It is but one of the delightful tales the book contains, all the tales and yarns and episodes are perfectly true. Wonder no longer what the tales are about as the secret is at this moment in your own hands.

About the Author:

Peter Anthony’s brother Derek sadly passed along in August 2014 at age 88. At the Thanksgiving service after the funeral, a reading was given describing how Derek had served the community so well. Sitting next to Peter was his grandson Alex, whom he nudged and whispered, “What the curate was reading I had actually written.” It was part of the text of the story that Peter had sent at some time to Derek. Approaching the curate afterwards, he said he had read the work completely and found it to be very good and that the work should be published. The document has had no alteration or additions since the incident, and remains the same as it was written in the year 2000. RoseDog Books has been good enough to allow the written original to remain pristine.

Now 87, Peter has been waiting for the opportunity to share the experience of life of children and adults during this interwar period. It was unique and so far removed from modernity, it is difficult to believe.

(2016, Paperback, 38 pages)


Woggers Pig (e-book)
Woggers Pig (e-book)

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