Worldly Passions

Worldly Passions
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Worldly Passions
by Donovin

Donovin is a writer specializing in poetry but also has ventured in songwriting and short stories as well. He was born and raised in Detroit and now resides near the Grand Rapids area in Allendale, Michigan, with his family. In his twenty-plus years of writing, Donovin was part of a writer’s group in his church, doing a variety of open mics in coffee houses throughout the Wayne State University and New Center areas of Detroit, using it as a way to improve his talent and outreach.

The theme of most of Donovin’s poetry writing is him being a Christian, but he also writes a variety of love poems and poems with political, comical, and social issues. Donovin has also been known for approaching people on the city bus and writing freelance pieces for them, and writing poetry for weddings and funerals as well. When people meet him, he may seem a little shy. Getting to know him, you’ll notice how God is using this man and his talent. Donovin believes that no matter the setbacks, good or bad, you can learn from them and achieve your dream. His second-biggest dream is to share his work with Oprah Winfrey. His number-one dream is to share it with the world.

Each journal you’ll read from Donovin has a special theme and message, covering his life, inspirations, and thoughts. He wants to share his work because he believes it will help inspire others and you!

Author’s Notes

“A Million Years,” “Friend,” “Encouragement of Hope,” and “The Sweetest Temptation” were revised for this updated version of the journal. Only some of the wordage was changed.

All the poetry in chapter 2 was written in reflection of the original version of the journal.

Thank you for your support and continue to join me and others who share our thoughts with all of you!

By the way, if you’re interested in reading another poet’s work, please pick up Enlightened Pieces of Human Expression, by Shakira Jones, with True Life Publications.

Love in Christ,

(2011, paperback, 58 pages)


Worldly Passions (PDF ebook)
Worldly Passions (PDF ebook)

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Worldly Passions [ePub]
Worldly Passions [ePub]

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