Writing Children's Books

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2003 Children's Writers and Illustrators Market

The latest edition of this sizeable guide follows closely in the footsteps of its 14 predecessors as an excellent publishing resource for novice writers and illustrators. more...


Creating Characters Kids Will Love

The fun large format makes this book feel sort of like a workbook (though it really isn't), and it's easy to just flip to a section and start reading some helpful info without starting at the beginning. more...


How to Write and Illustrate Children's Books and Get Them Published

Though bits and pieces are somewhat outdated ("backspace 10 characters for right-hand margin," a chapter on getting published recommends), this is a fine and quite British introduction to the art of writing and illustrating children's books. more...


You Can Write Children's Books

For a beginning writer of this type of genre, this book is an essential. It gives different categories for types of children's books and hints on how to write for that particular genre. more...

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