Writing Poetry

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2003 Poet's Market

Get your work into print with 2003 Poet's Market! It provides listings for more than 1,800 opportunities, including book publishers, small presses and journals, magazines, and chapbook publishers. Each entry includes contact information, types of poetry accepted, submission details, phone numbers, addresses, Web sites, emails and more. more...


Creating Poetry

With no bias toward form or style, Drury addresses the subjects of language text, subject matter, free and measured verse, imagery, metaphor, the various methods of constructing and experimenting with new poetic forms, and encourages budding poets to practice techniques of thinking and seeing from new angles, ways of shaping and experimenting with language, and methods of finding their own voice. more...


You Can Write Poetry

If you are in a writing group and planning to do a learning session with poetry from a text, use this book as your text, your fellow members will be glad that you choose it. more...

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