Writing Science Fiction

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Aliens and Alien Societies

Whether you're a writer or a reader of science fiction, this how-to guide provides thought-provoking analyses of the ways in which aliens and alien societies can be portrayed convincingly. It's almost as fascinating as the many classic SF texts it analyses. more...


How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy

Finally, Orson Scott Card's Hugo award-winning classic on the art and craft of writing science fiction and fantasy is available in paperback! Card provides invaluable advice for every science fiction and fantasy writer interested in constructing stories about people, worlds and events that stretch the boundaries of the possible...and the magical. more...


The Science of Science Fiction Writing

The Science of Science Fiction Writing is a sheer delight; this book could not have been better. James Gunn, longtime historian and participant in the world of science fiction, has also been one of it's biggest cheerleaders. Now he has put his 30 year plus experience into this truly exceptional book. more...

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