You and Me Meant to Be by Michael Moffett

You and Me Meant to Be by Michael Moffett
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-9302-8

You and Me Meant to Be is a collection of poetry that tells the story of the authorís love for a girl he met at the tender age of sixteen and of their reunion twenty-eight years later. Michael Moffett shares the heartfelt pain of the time lost during their separation and the joyful tidings of their return to a love that was destined to be.

These poems explore faith and the nature that surrounds us all, the frailty of life, and the innocence of children. The author candidly shares his despair at the death of his younger brother as well as humorous poems that will bring a smile to your face and take you back to a simpler time.

The outpouring of emotion in You and Me Meant to Be will strike a chord in the heart and soul of every reader.

(2003, paperback, 80 pages)

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You and Me Meant to Be [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9302-8 [E-book]

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